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Sell Your House Direct cares about You and Your Family.

We want each one of you to be safe and stay healthy.

In an effort to continue providing Top Notch service and to protect YOU and your loved ones, Sell You House Direct now offers home sale solution appointments over the phone or computer.

Schedule a call and Pre-view our availability using the calendar below.


The Sell Your House Direct Difference

Traditional Home Sale:

Real Estate Gut With House

Holding Open Houses

  • Traditionally an important part of the home sale process - dozens of people walking through your home and displacing your family for hours.

Hiring Outside Repairman or not finding one when needed

  • Having external contractors in your house to conduct pre-sale repairs and the very real possibility none will be available should you need or want them.

Uncertain Dates and Timelines

  • Buyers backing out because banks won’t finance them or getting cold feet because of what they hear on the news.

Direct Home Sale (To Us):

House over maket without face to face contact

Virtual Open Houses are a very real thing

  • SYHD is a leader in providing sellers with very real solutions. We can get your home exposed without exposing you.

No Repairs Required – Ever

  • Our offer allows you to Take what you want and leave what you don’t. Don’t fret over making repairs or clearing out unwanted belongings, we take homes AS IS in every condition.

Certainty in times of Uncertainty

  • Let SYHD find the solution that best suits YOUR needs, on YOUR timelines. Our database of iBuyers are fully vetted by us and we take pride in structuring and creating the outcome that you want and need, when you want it.

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We care deeply about our fellow San Diegans and want to share a list of COVID-19 resources that we have compiled to help everyone. It is our desire that even in the slightest way we can help to impact and bring renewal and hope to the lives and communities we touch.